Drinking College Athletes

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Alcohol can have grave effects on anyone who consumes high amounts of the drug. It has damaging effects on a person’s mind, body, and lifestyle. Drinking has become very common on college campuses, and more students are engaging in binged drinking. In this easy, I will analyze how alcohol effects a college athlete’s performance and recovery, behavior, psychological state, and their long term health. From the research evaluated, alcohol has been used not only as a suppressant for stress, but also as a social norm in institutions across the county, and the world as well. The research done, searches for how alcohol has effected athlete’s behavior, health, and also the effect on their recovery time after injuries.
As this essay explores the various
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In turn, students become addicted to the way it makes them feel. The article “ALCOHOL MISUSE AMONG COLLEGE ATHLETES: SELF-MEDICATION FOR PSYCHLATRIC SYMPTOMS? Author analysis how college athletes have reported alcohol abuse and emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. The authors of this article preformed a study on 200 plus athletes. From the study, approximately 21 percent reported alcohol abuse, they also have experienced the problems associated with the high levels of alcohol. This study revealed that many of the participants uses high levels of alcohol in order to help with depression and…show more content…
Alcohol also alters the performance and recovery of an athlete. In the article “Alcohol: Impact on Sports Performance and Recovery in Male Athletes”
The author has done research about how alcohol can affect the physical performance of a male athlete. Barns describes the physical effect to the human body when an athlete drinks. Barns analysis how drinking can have terrible effects on the body, it not only seems to affect an athlete’s endurance when preforming, but other functions of the body such as the cardiovascular system or endocrine system. This article also discusses how alcohol can impair the recovery process of an athlete by causing a disruption of the white blood cells
When reading this article, I consequently noticed that based off of different consumption of alcohol and the person, it will be very hard to determine the effect of alcohol in a general fact. Alcohol has many immune and endocrine system effects that impair blood flow and other system, causing strength, power, muscle endurance, etc. to
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