Drinking Hydrated And Lack Of Water

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If a person does not drink enough water, he or she may become dehydrated. A person who not drink enough I water may become severely dehydrated which could cause death it causes death from lung failure and heavily breathing. Some side effects of being dehydrated are when you have dry mouth or a person might have sore throat or a person could get very tired or have a headache. If a person does not drink water, he or she could die from it or could get very sick. Why it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water? It is important because if a person does not drink plenty of water a person could die from dehydration or if a person drink little amounts of water, but not all the time that person could get very sick and die from that,…show more content…
A person can tell if the water he/she found is bad by looking at it and see if there is anything that should not be in water is there. And you can tell if it is bad if a person finds the water in a creek, river, or even digging underground all that could be bad. This is how a person might find some water able to drink. A person can collect water from falling off the leaves of trees or by collecting the dew from plants and drinking the water. So if a person might need to tell the difference between good or bad water read this. And I also got this info from clean water.org

These are reasons why water is important, it keeps a person hydrated and it also keeps a person from dying. Cut open cactuses in the desert to stay alive when surviving in the desert because they have water inside of them. Also check the water that you are drinking because it could have been contaminated or have a certain chemical in it. And also remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and not to die from dehydration.so just remember all these steps to find water and stay

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