Drinking On Property: Case Study

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Staff member S.D approached writer with concerns that J.C had been drinking on property. Staff member S.D saw J.C outside the property line and felt that he may have been intoxicated. Writer approached J.C outside and asked what he had done today and he began to ignore the questions and speak about biblical aspects and people who he knew that were actually biblical people. Writer asked J.C again about his day and J.C mentioned that he had been outside walking around the property all day because he was not allowed inside. When writer asked J.C why he was not allowed inside he said that forces above would not let him in because he had been caught reading the bible. J.C appeared anxious and had some nervous tendencies- leg shaking, inadequate…show more content…
Writer said that J.C can be comfortable to speak about any issues or concerns with her and that she would not judge him. J.C seemed preoccupied with other thoughts and kept changing the subject to speak about biblical aspects but writer prompted him to stay on topic. J.C admitted that he felt that he could not resist R.S and admitted that in the past there had been a lot of instances where R.S would invite J.C to drink on property either around the forest line or in R.S 's room. Writer encouraged J.C to think about all the positives about remaining sober and asked if he would feel comfortable using those in the future when these circumstances arose. J.C said that he would and explained that sober living has positively impacted his life and feels that without alcohol he can accomplish many things such as moving out on his own and obtaining a full time job. Writer encouraged J.C to keep that frame of mind and remain positive. J.C did mention that he felt anxious but would not explain to writer why he felt this way. J.C mentioned that he felt better and less nervous after talking. Writer encouraged J.C to come with her with any other concerns or even just to talk and J.C agreed that he would do

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