Drinking Sweetened Drinks Case Study

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1) Write brief notes on the health effects of drinking sweetened drinks. (10%)
Decreasing sugary drinks will reduce the prevalence of obesity and obesity-related diseases . One of the diseases that will be reduced is type 2 diabetes . Secondly, a study showed that drinking sweetened drinks caused a higher risk of having or dying from a heart attack . Thirdly, a 22-year-long study on women revealed that those who drank sugary drinks had 75% higher risk of gout .

2) Explain the factors via the socio‐ecological model that may contribute to the uptake of sweetened drinks. (50%)
Drinking sweetened drinks can cause a multitude of problems such as obesity and obesity-related diseases. In this assignment I will be going through the factors via the
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Companies selling sweetened drinks makes use of promotion and advertising. Popular sweetened drinks company like Arizona, Lipton, Pepsi, and Brisk made use of popular music and sports celebrities, where else Fanta and Red Bull utilized youthful digital-media celebrities . Studies have shown that advertisements with celebrity spokesperson will have a greater effect .
Also, in this age, there is a greater media use amongst youth , companies virally raise their social media reach through engaging users. They also invite users to post videos and photos on different platforms by organising teen-targeted , this has increased the amount of exposure youth have to sweetened beverages.

Family is also a factor, parents influence their children into drinking sweetened drinks. A study on college students showed that family consumption of sweetened drinks had a direct association to the amount of sweetened drinks a college student intakes . Additionally another study showed that association between parenting practices and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption was stronger among adolescents who perceived their parents as being moderately strict and highly involved .

The 3rd layer shows the collection of wider influences on contributing to the uptake of sweetened

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