Drinking Water In Venezuela

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Water is Life
In Venezuela the weather is always warm, so I used to drink a lot of water because I felt the need to drink water. I dehydrated very fast, when the weathers were very hot, and I walked more and use my car less. Depending on the time of the day, I could drink many varieties of water with natural fruit flavors such as: tamarind, lime, pineapple, water melon or just only pure water because when I am drink water I feel alive!
In my country is easier to find all kinds of fruits juice because there are a lot of fresh and tropical fruits, usually you can find It in many places on the road. Also is typical that if you are visiting a friend the family brings you some natural and fresh juice. But since I arrived to the United States I have been drinking less water and natural juices. I am think about the reason and I believe that one of the problem could be the weather, and the other, people have little knowledge about the benefits of drinking water has. For example, people do not feel the need to drink a lot of water on winter in North America, and when the season changes It is difficult to find good fresh fruits to make my juices, so I am worried about It. Namely, water is the most important
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Second, drinking enough water is essential for good kidney functions. It helps to eliminate much residues and nutrients not necessary for the body across the urine. Third, water improves digestive tract because It is necessary to dissolve nutrients, so they can be absorbed into the blood and carried for cells. Four, the vital liquid is a great ally for the skin, helping to maintain the elasticity of the same, if you have a hydrated skin you are most likely to look younger. Five, this liquid is an excellent lubricant for muscles and joints. It to protect and helps their function very

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