The Pros And Cons Of Drinking Water

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The myth that I am writing this post assignment on is if drinking water actually helps one lose weight. As far as I have learnt in this module, one of the ways to lose weight is to eat healthily; exercise and lead a balanced lifestyle such as getting adequate sleep etc. The weight loss industry is one that is always thriving and money making, because losing weight is tough, it takes time and patience and at the current age and time, people just want everything fast and instant, e.g. fast food, technology is always changing everything is getting faster. Another reason, according to, one over three American adults over 20 is obese, making the weight loss industry a profitable business. Health and fitness companies come up with supplements, diet plans, books, exercise machines etc. and managed to rake in an estimated $14 billion in earnings. For those who can really afford the costs, doctors are willing to perform surgeries to…show more content…
In my opinion, drinking water is healthy, but as they say, too much of a good thing is bad, hence, there should be a limit and people should go about the having a balanced meal, disciplining themselves, exercise, get adequate rest as well as drinking water.

According to book and online sources I have sought for and read up on with regards to the myth, the answer is still neutral; there are some who support the idea while others don’t. Some have tried it and have proven results, and for some it didn’t. My take on this is to give the myth a try, anyways, water is free, in Singapore it is safe and readily available to drink water from the tap, then only would I know if this myth is true. At the end of the day, the human body differs from one to another to prove the theory that not everything that works for one person, may work for the

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