Dripping Blood: A Short Story

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Dripping blood, face is numb, teeth are loose and all she can taste is iron. Katie a nice intelligent, tall and blonde 17 year old girl that was walking down the road with her friend Ashley. They were just minding their own business, having a normal conversation, Katie sees a group of people standing by 4 cars, she thought they were friends, Katie thought wrong.

They went over there and tried talking to the group of people. 1 of the girls standing there didn’t exactly like Katie, all of a sudden out of nowhere, Katie started getting punches swung at her. Not only did 1 girl try fighting her, all 5 of the girls went after her. They were yelling and screaming at her. Katie was getting her face smashed into the ground, kicked, hit
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Blood was dripping down her face, her arms and legs were bleeding, all she could think about is why they did that to her, she was so embarrassed, the person she thought was her friend wasn't really even close to a friend she just left her on the ground bleeding and crying. Ashley didn't ask if she was okay. Katie was limping home and Katie started walking home 2 miles, she was trying to hurry so nobody seen her, her mom drove past to her and pulled over. Katies mom was freaking out and didn't know what happened and wanted too. She wanted to tell her but didn't want to get the group of girls in trouble. They finally get home and Katie's nose is bruised and had black eyes also had cuts and bruises on her arms, face, and legs. Scratches on her face she still didn't want to tell her mom but the day after, katies mom was going through her daughter's phone and saw the girls conversation and Katie was getting bullied so bad by the girls. Even after the fight she was still getting bullied, the girls were still messaging and calling her and Katie was just trying to ignore them but it wasn't working. She didn't know what to do about it. 1 week passed and and they were still blowing up her phone, her mother finally just went to the police about it, they weren't going to do anything about it at first and then her mom was getting so mad so she yelled at them and got them to do something about it. Neither of them knew why it was happening
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