Drippy Drop: Water Cycle

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Drippy Drop started off in a cloud over Mount Everest, where the first step of the water cycle would occur, precipitation. Drippy Drop fell in the form of snow on the peak of Mount Everest. Seven months passed when the snow started to turn mushy. Some snow melted and created a run-off. So Drippy Drop fell to the very bottom and soaked into the fresh soil at the bottom of Mount Everest. Drippy Drop then was picked up by a flower, while the flower was blooming. Transpiration then occurred, Drippy Drop evaporated out of the flower where it would eventually reach the sky. A day later Drippy Drop reached the sky, condensation made Drippy Drop cool, and he turned to a liquid. Drippy Drop then came together with other water droplets and even some
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