Driscoll Model Of Reflection

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This paper is a case study reflection that needs to be applied and underpin the steps of safe prescribing, ethics, responsibility and legal of prescribing with respect to standards of Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). In this regard, I will follow the Driscoll (1994) Model of reflection, which is based on three questions that explains experiences, differences that are made, significance, and actions to continue professional development with respect to learning. Discussion Driscoll (1994) Model of reflection The Driscoll model of reflection is also taken as a reflective method. It explains some aspects of what, so what and now what. Hence, this model of reflection will also give reflection of case study, which is on Mr Moore who was diagnosed…show more content…
NOW WHAT (modifying future outcomes) At this level, the role of Anticoagulant team has its major part in treatment of Mr Moore plus NMC’s other patients, and also the colleagues of Anticoagulant management. This aspect makes sure the optimal level of Anticoagulant therapy by evading offensive risks of haemorrhage. The reflection case exemplifies to reflect the decision that I made is so perfect but in future if I had sufficient time I could ask patient’s general practitioner for the authorisation if he or she could fund new oral anticoagulants. The prescribed medicines influence patient’s behaviour by taking medicines and improve adherence. 7 steps of safe prescribing with respect to NMC standards It is stated that the entire process to prescribe or not is assumed as a complex aspect method that wants different many factors, which is considered before that all significant piece of paper that is all given to the patient by prescribing the pyramid of steps and process that may help in prescribing either nurse or midwifery, in that way he or she would be responsive of all bases, which has been enclosed (Stahl,…show more content…
Consider the patient It is based on WWWHAM. Considering the patient needs all information that is going to be with WWWHAM. It is based on explaining that who would be the patient, what would be the symptoms, how long the symptoms would be present, what actions will be taken against the symptoms. In this regard, what medications will be allowed by the prescriber to the patient in order to get the main aspect? Thus, what specific information is required to know about the symptoms or patient? (Rissmann et al., 2012). Hence, considering the aspect of patient, NMC has picked up a cue as it is used by pharmacists while helping them in advising people in order to buy medications. Thus, this aspect is not strong enough to go into isolation as if it is combined with the charge, which ensures that medication history is taken along with OTC, herbal, POMs, allergies since patients need to explain that these aspects need to explain that which aspect is essential. Hence, assessment of holistic needs of patient looks for the determinants of health. However, patients frequently omit to explain regarding the OTC preps plus the herbal needs, which also needs to explain the usage of contraindicated drugs as it all explains the illegal needs of the
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