Driscolls Model Of Reflection In Nursing

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Quality Nursing Care - Summative Essay Abby Smith A8a


I will be using Driscolls model of reflection (2007) to look back and reflect on how my concept of Quality Nursing Care (QNC) has advanced and also how that has adapted me for practice. Reflection is a crucial tool to help achieve continuous lifelong learning in the nursing profession because by using this tool Nurses can collate both their academic understanding and nursing practice. (Fawcett, 2006). Reflection can be used to educate ourselves by looking back on previous care given and seeing how it can be improved. (Peate, 2016). Reflection is used endlessly in nursing to help nurses develop their own practice this allows continuous progress within the nursing community. Reflection is a method which is used in both good and bad experiences – authorising nurses to look back on what they did well in a situation in practice and what they could improve on if they were ever in the same scenario. I will also especially be exploring how Ethics influences Quality Nursing Care conveyance in this reflection. I can put all of this into practice myself when I start placement at the end of January.

At the beginning of this module ‘Quality Nursing Care NU1449’ my understanding of Quality Nursing Care was that every patient that any nurse encounters must receive the highest standard of care that nurses are capable of giving, this means complying with the Nursing

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