Drive By Daniel H. Pink: An Analysis

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As I have just started my academic future I plan to factor in Motivation 3.0 in this new journey, I ask myself how? After reading Drive written by Daniel H. Pink and getting an insight of what is takes to be a have Type I behavior and how it can make a complete difference in how I handle what’s to come I will incorporate what I have read. Pink claims that it is possible to go from Type X to Type I behavior but it won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight (79). Type I behavior depends on three things: autonomy, mastery and purpose. And on the other hand Type X behavior is fueled more by extrinsic desires while Type is more by intrinsic ones (Pink 75). I have been fueled before by extrinsic desires which is more of the operating system Motivation …show more content…

Like an assignment or presentation which makes me so nervous I will think of the punishment which will result in a bad grade and since I don’t want a bad grade I will push myself to do it so that I don’t fail. Pink suggest that Motivation 2.0 may still work in some cases but not all and that’s where the bugs are in that operation system (31). I agree with Pink since I’ve already encountered some situations that require Type X behavior which is led by Motivation 2.0 and also some Type I behavior which is based of Motivation …show more content…

I plan to incorporate Motivation 3.0 in my academic future and practice it on a daily basis. I plan to find purpose in most of what I do, Pink asserts that people with purpose goals have higher levels of satisfaction while people and people with profit goals showed increased anxiety and other negative indicators (142). I don’t want to fall into that category. Pink believes Motivation 3.0 should be our new operating system since it focuses in the long term goal. Why would anyone not want to strive of the better outcome in the long run? I believe that education everyone that punishment is not always the best way to go which that’s what Motivation 2.0 is all about. Going towards this new operating system is the best thing for everyone since it will create a healthy society and healthy business, everything should begin with purpose (143). I support Pinks vision and hope that we get

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