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Drive is about a driver and those around him getting caught up in a giant mess. I would argue that this film is an indie film on the way it is shot. Shots linger longer than your usual movie and overall lends itself to a slightly slower but deliberate pace. Even with the A list names the story doesn 't play out exactly like a Hollywood movie. The protagonist isn 't in possession of bulging biceps ready to explode at any minute and the damsel in distress isn 't a twig with a pair of giant silicone bags flopping around waiting for her hero. Our protagonist is quiet and someone you could easily bump into and never notice in fact all of the cast is grounded and the way the story evolves and is shot to me makes it an indie movie. One of the very…show more content…
One of my favorite scenes in the movie has to be when the drive takes the damsel and her kid back home. The scene starts off very quiet and goes something along the lines of him asking something simple like wanna see something? She agrees and he responds with okay and their mini adventure begins. I think in total the film only has three or four songs, with actual singing, played throughout and the song played during this scene is also played during the final scene of the movie and through the credits. Even during scenes where they cut more frequently, this one being an example, the scenes linger just a little longer than a typical movie and it really lets you think and pick apart what is going on in the scene. Aesthetically speaking this scene is damn beautiful in almost every way. We start off in the car with the driver camera positioned near the side window looking into the car about shoulder level getting the driver, damsel, and her kid in the same shot. There is a lot of emotional exchange between all three of them even with no words spoken until the scene ends. Feelings are beginning to develop and our driver is gaining some emotional depth. The lyrics from the song are correlating with the scene as it plays out with a few of the lyrics saying things like “A real human being and a real hero”. The driver playing with the damsel 's child really hits you in the heart with one of the last scenes of the segment being the driver carrying the child all tuckered out

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