Essay On Road Accident Detection

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Abstract—Driver inattention is one of the main reasons for frequent road accidents around the globe. Consequently, road accident prevention system by detecting the driver’s inattention, which measures the level of driver drowsiness and provide a warning in case of mishappening has received a great deal of attention as a measure to prevent road accidents.
In this paper an efficient system to prevent road accidents is designed using the eye blink IR sensor and alcohol sensor. The IR transmitter is used to transmit the infrared rays in our eye. The IR receiver is used to receive the reflected infrared rays of eye. If the eye is closed than the output of IR receiver is high otherwise the output is low. This helps in eye detection. This output is given to
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They require simplifying the problem to work under special conditions for example D.Taneral [1] presents automatic drowsy driver monitoring and accident prevention system that is based on monitoring the changes in the eye blink duration. In addition to tracking the face and the eyes to compute drowsiness index Garcia [2] has also presented a non intrusive approach for drowsiness detection based on computer vision. It is installed in the car and it is able to work under real operation conditions. In this an IR camera is placed in the front of the driver, in the dashboard .In order to detect his face and obtain drowsiness clues from their eyes closure. The work in [3]shows driver’s drowsiness is determined using vehicle based measures, behavioral measures and psychological measures which make this a hybrid drowsiness detection system .[4] shows detection of drowsiness based on head movement and geometrical features of mouth is proposed. Experiment was conducted on sample size of 50 video clips and observed that the head movement contributes about 8%.. Possible techniques for detecting drowsiness in drivers is generally divided into the following
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