Driverless Car Essay

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Overview of the driverless car
For generations, we have been machine-building industry, such as the goal of improving and comfort. However, in the second half of the twentieth century, engineers began to think at the expense of self-governing machine. That is self-managing car? According to, a driverless car - is a robotic vehicle that is designed to travel between destinations without a human operator.
Self- controlling cars are latest and very advanced development of Google, after Google, major automakers began to develop this vehicle, as well as Tesla. The peculiarity of driverless -cars is that they do not require an operator, the driver, with all the consequences: the absence of pedals and steering wheel, freed interior redesign,
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The fight against drunk-driving has been a long and dramatic. Drive drunk - it 's dangerous. Everyone knows, but people continue to drink and drive. If this car will hit the market the Cretaceous people drunk or sober can sit in the car and the car will take the driver to the destination.
The bulk of the police - it is the officers who catch drivers who violate traffic laws and investigating accidents and accidents involving motor vehicles. If we look at all the people who had contact with the police, we can see that more than half of them - the owners of vehicles. Cars with autonomous control will be programmed in such a way as to comply with all traffic regulations.
How often do you encounter inappropriate behavior on the roads? All drivers sometimes behave behind the wheel in a beastly and aggression raises serious violations. Cars on the self-government will allow, for the most part, solved the problem. As a general rule, road rage comes from people who believe the other driver insulted by any of their actions. The most common reasons for aggression, this cropping, preventing overtaking and fighting for a place in the parking lot. Cars with autonomous control move the most safe and effective, which helps to eliminate most of the negative emotions that arise from the driver at the
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