Driverless Cars Are Deadly Inventions

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Imagine having your car go out of control and cause a huge accident where your baby and wife die leaving you in the hospital paralyzed. A driverless car is a car that drives itself without the help of humans. The driverless car works with sensors surrounding the car and with a google operating system built in helping the car drive.The driverless car is being made by many companies such as BMW,Audi,Mercedes,Nissan, and many more. Driverless cars are deadly inventions that will increase the rate of death and accidents around the world because the technology is not safe, humans cause many errors, and will cause a significant amount of chaos. To begin with, the technology the driverless car is made from/works on is not safe. Technology can randomly glitch or be hacked. Humans made technology and all humans make mistakes therefore, technology can make a mistake. Technology isn’t the most accurate in a driverless car because it has to be updated frequently, and the update could have a mistake in it. While, some people may argue that computers have a faster reaction time than human this could also be negatively affecting the driverless cars reactions/driving.However, the sensors aren’t the…show more content…
Not all humans are comfortable with this new technology and don’t trust their life with it causing them to panic or worry while the car is driving. For instance, in the text PRO/CON:Is the idea of driverless cars gaining popularity?”one of Google’s self-driving cars came to a crosswalk and did what it was supposed to do:it slowed down to allow someone on foot to cross the street.However, the human”safety driver” panicked and hit the brakes.” Many humans will not completely trust these cars causing them to do something unnecessary causing a deadly situation even though the car was perfectly driving. This is why humans should learn to trust these cars before they causing civilians to
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