Driverless Car

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Developing a New and Unique Product
The concept of driverless cars offers something completely new and unique to the automobile market. Driverless cars will have a huge impact on not only the economy but the society as a whole. Google are the leading organisation when it comes to driverless car’s technology. They have developed a software to drive cars and it is known as ‘Google Chauffer’. The software Google has developed includes a laser that allows the car to create a 3D map of its surroundings that helps give the car the data it needs to drive itself. The driverless car makes getting from A to B a lot safer and easier for the person using it. Studies show that ‘1.24m people die, and as many as 50m are hurt in road accidents each year’
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Google have guaranteed that the driverless car will make travelling a lot safer for people and a lot cleaner for the environment, ‘1. We can reduce traffic accidents by 90%, 2. We can reduce wasted commute time and energy by 90%, 3. We can reduce the number of cars by 90 %’(Chunka Mui. (22/1/2013). This will help to lower fuel emissions which are harming our environment and reduce the amount of time people waste sitting in traffic or trying to find the location that they are going to. By implementing this strategy of offering a new technology to clients, Google will gain a competitive advantage over others in the driverless cars market.
Increasing Client Base
By using
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If the consumer is not happy with the initial product from Google they may leave and look for another option in the market that is capable of meeting their needs. This will help them in increasing the levels of customer loyalty if they know that there are others that are developing a similar product, because Google is such a global brand it is able to put massive funding behind the idea of the Google Chauffer and that gives them the edge ahead of other firms in the market as it will be in a positon to complete the product faster and more accurately than other firms. This is all key to creating customer loyalty as clients will want the best and most complete product that is available on the market. If the consumer feels that they are receiving an excellent product they may recommend the Google Chauffer to others and so increase
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