Driverless Cars: Good Or Bad?

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Driverless cars are a good idea, imagine laying back while your car drives to your destination. They come with benefits but other might say risks can be possible, but mostly a good idea.
First driverless taxis can be cheaper than regular taxis and reduce the number of privately own cars.(Tribune News Service) The author also mentions this in his essay. It would be easy to order a taxi with an app. This might help us get places faster and more effectively for a lower price. Many companies will grow and getting to work late and not being tired will not be as common.
Driving would become less stressful and tiring. Imagine getting out of work at 11:30 pm the driverless car can drive while you relax. If you’re injured you won’t have to drive yourself but the could. You could be sick and have to go to the store to buy some medicine and the car would drive you.
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The author mentioned that the car crashed because the car didn’t break so the driver had to use manual breaks.(Tribune News Service) Gps can also be a risk because routes can change or roads can be closed and the car would probably not know.(Tribune News Service)
In conclusion driverless cars can be a good things to have around but also have risks. Gps and braking can both be fixed making the car fully functionable.
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