Driverless Cars Pros And Cons

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Since the famous Model T Ford of the early 1920’s until today, humans have used various types of cars as their main means of transportation. Since then there have been many automotive technological advancements made, the newest being “Driverless Cars.” These cars have been touted as the “technological savior” of transportation. There have been so many articles and reports on the benefits of driverless cars with proponents claiming all sorts of things from it making transportation safer to it saving consumers money, but are they all that proponents claim? What are the risks involved with putting these “driverless cars” on American roads? Should the government jump on board and approve them or should more research be done? These questions and…show more content…
However, the federal government should not subsidize research to make self-driven cars available in 2020. Autonomous driving technology has been espoused as providing travelers with a safe, reliable, and opportune form of transportation. Proponents say that over the next decade, accelerated autonomous driving technology, including advancements in artificial intelligence, sensors, cameras, radar, and data analogy, will transform how people drive and their desire for car ownership (Silver). In the article, “Twelve things you need to know about driverless cars,” Luca Mentuccia, an automotive global MD at Accenture, stated “autonomous driving has become the next major battlefield for the car industry” (Silver). With most manufacturers estimating that driverless vehicles will be on the global markets between 2020 and 2025, what will be the outcome of this war for American consumers, businesses, and roadways? According to Silver, one major impact of these automated vehicles (AV) will be in the area of “urban mobility”. Five AI is an AV software company and their CEO, Stan Boland a proponent of…show more content…
Still, while some levels of automation are already in existing cars, completely driverless cars-with no steering wheels or brakes for human drivers would require much more innovation (Ghose) In the article in “Self-Driving Cars: 5 Problems That Need Solutions” “If they don’t have the communication capability, they will probably make traffic worse than it is today, Although many experts argue that self-driving cars will make driven substantially safer despite the additional risks they pose now. But nothing compares to the famous Model T Fords built in the
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