Driving After High School

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Getting a driver license is the most exciting thing during the high school. Despite of dreaming to drive own car, the movement to move up the permitted age of driving because many teenagers drive violently and irresponsibly. Opponents of this new suggestion insist driving during high school is a staple skill for young adult life for various reasons. From old movies, the teenaged boys allured girls at school parking lot and succeeded on date easily. These scene, however, is not realistic because modern teenagers often do not have time to waste. Most of teenagers have club activities, volunteering, or part time job. If they can not drive, they need to hire a personal driver, usually mom. Nowadays it is hard to find a family which has a single…show more content…
Lots of teenagers have more than one schedule after school. For example,a teenager who babysits for part-time job will be required to drive for safety and convenience. Non-river licensed job seeker will be less competitive. In addition to this, they need to be able to go to work when they finish their club activities which are often not expected when to finish. It is more time efficient for mom not to wait and for teenagers to move on time. Lastly, driving requires heavy responsibility and practice. If teenagers start to drive after they already left for out of state colleges, parents can not control and help student- drivers in troubles. It is a fatal danger for drivers not enough skilled to run on the road without any guidance. To sum up, regulation for driving age should not be moved up to 18 years old because driving skill is not optional for modern life style. Teenagers need to drive for after school activities and part-time jobs without seeking help for transportation. Driving save time efficiently and make the schedule controllable. For safer driving circumstances, new drivers need longer training period under their guardian. Therefore obtaining driver 's licenses at 16 years old is
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