Driving At 16 Should Not Be Raised

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Driving at Sixteen

Driving at 16 is a right of passage steeped in tradition. For decades, teens have received their driver 's licenses at 16. While some might say this is too young and seek to raise the minimum age to 18, generations of teens have successfully managed the responsibilities of driving. The minimum driving age of 16 should not be raised because it would increase transportation problems, keep teens from fulfilling responsibilities, and prevent oversight of new drivers.

Raising the driving age would cause transportation difficulties in families. Lobbyists might argue that these problems could be worked out by individual families and riding together would support family bonding. However, this is not necessarily true. It is easier in today 's world to have multiple drivers in the family due to chaotic schedules. Kids
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Driving at 16 allows parents to oversee young drivers before they are legally independent adults. Lawmakers may think by raising the minimum driving age that they can minimize accidents, but in actuality, they are depriving teens the chance to learn under adult supervision. If the driving age were raised to 18, kids would be out on their own and learning to drive on their own. At 16, teens are still covered by their parents ' insurance driving closer to home, which offers more support should they get in an accident. Before teens leave home, parents can be sure they have a solid driving history that they can be comfortable with while gaining valuable experience. Parents can regulate gas money and driving restrictions to encourage good habits.

Lawmakers should not raise the minimum driving age. Doing so would cause travel issues among families. Teens have outside obligations that require driving to various locations. Parents need to be able to supervise young drivers to influence positive future driving behaviors. People trying to raise the minimum driving age need to remember being 16 and society as a whole should support these young
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