Driving Economic Diversity Analysis

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In the article “Driving Economic Diversity” by Matt Zalaznick, several colleges/universities were highlighted that are taking unique approaches to help minority. Several college and university campuses are partnering locally and using new ideas to diversify campus suppliers. Kent State University in Ohio, Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City Missouri and Drexel University in Philadelphia were highlighted in the article. Veronica Cook-Euell serves as the manager of the Kent State Supplier Diversity Program. Her program is using technology and has developed an online database that lists diverse suppliers. This allows the eight Kent State campuses to purchase and view business…show more content…
This includes many concepts that can be seen by the college and university campuses mentioned in the “Driving Economic Diversity” article. Some of the key concepts introduced in our readings include inviting minority bids on new contracts and establishing a percentage of business for qualified and minority suppliers. Incentives and helping build partnerships are used by Drexel University where smaller jobs can often lead to larger contracts. Additionally, utilizing training programs to educate buyers and collaboration between buyer and supplier are important to driving successful relationships. Drexel University shares an example where they train local workers who can then be hired by campus vendors such as Sodexo. Even though there are challenges to identifying minority suppliers as we have learned in our readings, the colleges mentioned in the article identify creative ways and a mutual commitment to impacting regional economies. According to Stephen Mack, Drexel’s Associated Vice President of Procurement Services, “When you start seeing this impact you’re having, it makes it so much to get really energized around a…show more content…
One of the points he makes is to “Add supplier diversity goals to performance reviews of key officials, such as the CFO and procurement managers.” (Zalaznick) While some may disagree with this approach, I think it is a great way to ensure commitment from some of the highest levels of an organization’s leadership team. Oftentimes in a corporate setting, one of the best ways to see results is to leverage performance or tie tasks into strategic business goals. Linking supply chain management and procurement tasks to performance management strategies is a great best practice. D.M Hodnett, Director of University of Missouri System’s Supplier Diversity and Small Business Development Program understands that if you are not helping your communities thrive now there will be problems in the future. Hodnett understands that you must have support from the top. Achieving supplier diversity is built into performance objectives of key persons at the University of Missouri. The Chief Financial Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Head of Design and Construction and Hodnett each have numerical goals to meet in their performance objectives regarding supplier

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