Driving Patterns And Consequences Of Breaking The Law

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The endless amount of poor driving habits lead to the extremely high rates of car accidents every year; nearly all causes of car accidents occur while a driver 's breaking the law. Driving laws exist for numerous reasons, and consequences normally transpire while breaking them. Therefore, people commonly have to pay high court fines, or even serve jail time for breaking them. However, the majority of driver 's continue to ignore them and will likely end up in a car accident for their careless judgement. Countless grave driving habits include speeding, driving while tired, and texting; the bulk of these car accidents end with fatalities. Speeding remains against the law for excellent reasons; it 's extremely hazardous and practically always plays a part in vehicular accidents. Furthermore, driver 's usually speed on highways where a person generally has chances to pass other vehicles. This continues to remain life threatening when a person drives on a high traffic interstate, and they 're rushing to get somewhere. Therefore, a driver ends up accelerating too rapidly, which causes them to miss checking all their blind spots. Consequently, these mistakes can lead to costly tickets, the death of a passenger, or another driver involved. The high outcome of deaths in car accident cases can also cause an enormous weight on a driver 's conscience. When…show more content…
One of the prime causes of car accidents is texting and driving, and is banned in almost every state. The abundance of people remain under the belief that texting behind the wheel has no effect on their driving, and this thinking is faulty. Furthermore, a driver 's eyes will stray from the road at some point while texting, and this has been the cause of countless accidents. Multiple stories have plagued the news about texting and driving being the cause of a wide variety of accidents. In conclusion, driver 's should pull over to send a text back if the text is that dire. A text message will never be worth any

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