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Driving stick is a dying art. Most cars today have an automatic transmission. The few cars that have manual transmissions today are utility vehicles, vintage or older cars, and many high performance cars. Very few manufacturers make new manual cars, however some still do. Once these companies stop making manuals, older cars are gone, and the high performance cars and utility vehicles switch to automatic transmissions, Manual will be gone altogether. It’s still a useful thing to learn and master while those vehicles are still around however In all manuals, there are 3 pedals. These are, from left to right, clutch, brake, and accelerator. In the center console is the gear stick. Depending on the transmission, on the gear stick will be something along the lines of: First above second. Third next to first, and over Fourth, and Fifth next to Third and over Reverse. Between these gears will be a pattern showing the path you need to push the stick to get to the desired gear. On a car, this is a relatively quick, short motion. However on a truck or utility vehicle, it is a much longer motion to…show more content…
Well try shifting and using the clutch and brakes and gas correctly all at once. Now try to do that in traffic. While shifting is a good thing to learn, after awhile you might want to switch to automatic. If you stay determined you can learn stick shift, and make shifting second nature. First, I’ll begin with starting the vehicle. You’ll want to push the clutch all the way down, as well as pushing the brake. Next turn the ignition key, and slowly let off the clutch and brake. The vehicle will pull you forward. As you’re letting off of the clutch and brake, push the accelerator a very small amount to get going. While driving, to shift gears, let off the gas, and push the clutch all the way down. Put the vehicle in the gear you want, and slowly let off the clutch while adding gas. You want to try to balance out gas and clutch when

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