Driving Under The Influence Of Drinking And Driving

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Do you drink and drive or know someone that does? If you or you know another person that drives while under the influence of alcohol stop you could harm someone and their family. Driving under the influence does not just hurt others it hurts your body and emotional health. Help stop drinking and driving.

First of all, we all know that driving under the influence you are seven times more likely to get involved in a fatal automobile crash. If one of your friends is drunk you should not get into the car with them, instead you should not let them drive while under the influence. You should take the keys out of the ignition and you should be the one to take them home. If you do not do this your friend could be involved in a serious crash and they could have injured or killed a family. So help keep drunk drivers off the roads. In the essay “Drunk Driving-the dangers” the author stated, “Alcohol-related accidents are so prevalent, an estimated 40 percent of all persons in the United States will be involved in a traffic mishap blamed on alcohol at some point in their lives.” If you are a drunk driver you should be driving a vehicle.
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Alcohol damages your liver, your liver helps clean your blood. Alcohol also destroys your brain cells or stop your brain from developing. Don’t you want to learn so you can prepare for the career you want to go into? Alcohol can also make you become violent and it is also illegal. In the article “” the author stated, “Kids who start drinking before age 15 are 4 times more likely to develop alcoholism than someone who waits until they are 21 before they start.” Kids should not drink until they are twenty-one, and when they turn twenty-one they should not drink while under the
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