Informative Essay On Self Driving Cars

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In the Next 20 years the only vehicle that will be on the road will be self driving .

As more people become aware of and use the new technology of self driving vehicle, one day that will be the only type of vehicle on the road. People will realize how much time it saved them and their families.

The idea of of a Self Driving Vehicle started as early as 1950’s by Walt Disney, in his movie Magic Highway USA showed cars driving by themselves on the roads. In 1962 the first self driving car was invented by Robert Fenton, this vehicle was not intended for passengers as the whole inside of the vehicle was full of electronic equipment. This car also needed a track for guidance. In the 1980’s a group of German scientist built a vehicle
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Also some employees of Google also used the Self Driving Vehicles for work and weekend trips. While working on these test trips test drivers are able to disengage the Self Driving Vehicle and take over control it needed. In 2015 “Firefly”, took the first fully self driving ride on public roads, Firefly had no steering wheel or pedals for assistance. In 2016 the Google self driving project became known as Waymo. Waymo is a self driving technology company with a mission to make it easy and safe for people to get around. Also in 2016 Waymo drove over 1 Billion miles in simulation to help develop the information needed for the sensors. By the end of 2016 the need for test drivers to disengage the Self Driving Vehicle had decreased greatly. In 2017 the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Minivan was added to the fleet, this vehicle became the first bullet in mass production with the fully integrated hardware systems. Also in 2017 Waymo started a Early Rider Program in Phoenix, Arizona and invited the public to join the trial run of the Self Driving Car. At this time the fully self driving vehicles began test driving on public roads without anyone in the driver's
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