Driving While Black By Buehler: Summary

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Buehler, J. W. (2017). Racial/ethnic disparities in the use of lethal force by US police, 2010-2014. American Journal of Public Health, 107 (2), 295-297. In Buehler’s article, he attempts to disprove a study that found no racial disparities in killings that law enforcement were responsible for. He examined 2285 legal intervention deaths and found that for every one million of a certain race in a population in the US there were 2.5 police killings of whites and 6.8 police killings of blacks. The clear majority of all legal intervention deaths that were recorded and analyzed for this study occurred in largely metropolitan areas. Buehler ultimately dismisses the other study because it failed to account for the likelihood of an encounter, which …show more content…

The middle of the book dives into studies done on the matter, minority perspectives, the issues involved with racial profiling, and civil rights. The next part of the book deals with specific examples of racial profiling in Texas and The Department of Homeland Security. Del Carmen ends the book by explaining laws passed to try to curb racial profiling and the future of this …show more content…

He includes plenty of studies and statistics to back up all of his claims. The greatest strength of the book is its ability to connect all present issues with ones of the past. Holbert, S., & Rose, L. (2004). The color of guilt & innocence: Racial profiling and police practices in America. San Ramon, CA: Page Marque Press. In Holbert’s and Rose’s book, they provide plain and clear viewpoints from all sides of different issues dealing with race in America. Their book uses legal and historical context to present controversial issues in simple terms like police response times and use of force. They even include police perspectives to the different accusations that have been laid upon the police, giving both sides of the story. Overall the book is very thorough, asking the tough questions (Is Jim Crow alive and well in America?) and trying to find a common solution. The main focus of the book is to provide a broad range of subjects involving race and to go in depth with each to outline the problem and the solution. There is extensive legal research throughout the book to back up the authors’ claims. The best aspect of the book is that is gives both perspectives behind every issue so that the readers can make the decision for

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