Driving While Driving Should Be Illegal Essay

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Although most people like to believe driving while using a handheld device should not be illegal, it is actually true that driving while using an handheld device should be illegal. Allowing people to drive around while using their handheld cellphones while on the road would not be safe. People would abuse this option and use their phone while on the road. Car accident rates would increase and many lives would be lost, or effected. Enforcing this law will, too some extent, force people to put their full attention on the road. Teens everyday put their lives in danger because they want to sneak a text to their friends, or think they can talk on the phone and pay attention to the road, but they never realize when to stop this habit until their lives have been…show more content…
We were hit because he was texting his wife trying to send the perfect emoji. Little did he know, he was arriving at a red light. If only he would 've followed the law and paid attention to what was ahead of him, I would still be able to walk perfectly. People need to realize that this is a real problem, and it 's not going to stop unless one realizes this. People like to think that texting while driving is not really a big deal, only because as a thought it seems so little, but it actually can have a big impact if you do it at the wrong time. We think so little, but one must know that thinking so vague wont get you far in life. With this law enforced, people will think twice about texting while driving, and hopefully they choose the correct option. Allowing people to drive while being able to use their own handheld cellphones would not be a positive change. This would have a negative impact on many lives and the economy. People should understand that on the road your main focus should be the road and everything around. Before a person texts while on the road, they should ask themselves, "Is it really worth it right now?". Because no life is worth being damaged or loss for such a
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