Life Of Bees Research Paper

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Life of Bees About eighty-five million years ago bees evolved into the ecosystem during the cretaceous period un-announced to many of Earth’s resident at the time. Bees where one of the first pioneers of humanities holocene period. “These industrious insects have been around roughly one-hundred twenty-five million years (give or take fifteen million years or so..) and although bee numbers are sadly declining, the remaining survivors continue to act as invaluable resources to our planet and its other residents in numerous ways.”{Jessica Tucker, How Bees Benefit Other Living Things} Honey bees are an essential part of our ecosystem, and people need them more than they realize. Little mustard seeds, is one way you could describe the starting…show more content…
Bees have an intricate lifestyle from the moment they are hatched to their death. They are busy creatures and have not had a day off in a million years. Bees work really hard to pollinate and reproduce, so they need to stay healthy. “ Bee's basic nutritional requirements are similar to those of humans. They receive most of their lipids, protein, and amino acids from the production and handling of pollen.” ( Pollen is like air to bees, and they make sure they incorporate in their daily lives which also affects us as humans. Bees affect our environment more than we know. If we did not have bees our environment would look drastically different than what we see today. Bees pollinate over ninety percent of Earth’s vegetation, and they work together with other animals to spread the rest. “An estimated eighty percent of food in grocery stores is available on the shelves, thanks to bee-pollinated crops.”(How Bees Benefit Others) Avocados, blueberries, and broccoli are just some crops that would very scarce if bees did not help us. Bees are like humans in the way that they affect almost everything they touch. Bees are magnificent by carrying out their daily task they spread life to our ecosystem. Bees spread this thin layer cotton candy... type layer of dust that soaks into every living thing. In this way bees give a boost of nutritiment that acts as Earth’s natural fertilizer. Bees also act as an environmental indicators. Scientist estimate every hundred bee deaths ultimately affect the climate. Pollen is to bees, like air is to humans, and in this amazing circle of life we help supply each other’s basic needs. “A relationship has developed between plants and their pollinators, as both parties rely on one another for
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