Drones Argumentative Essay

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The suggestion of using drones to fight in wars may sound as if it was the greatest idea ever, but many people would disagree with allowing drones to fight. For example, researchers say that out of the total amount of persons killed by drones, only 2 percent are “high-level” targets (Americas). That means there are more innocent people killed than there are of those who are a threat. The US government does not recognize the large amount of civilians killed, although there is plenty of proof. Many people would hate to think that innocent people are being killed by drones. On the other hand, the navigators of drones have a smaller chance of developing PTSD,ppp, than those who are on the battlefield because they experience the war secondhand (Drones). By controlling the drone through a screen, the drone flyers are safe from getting seriously wouwnded or killed while fighting. In addition, the drone strikes are “...cheaper than engaging in ground or manned aerial combat” (Drones). It costs about $5 billion to use drones, which is about 1 percent of the yearly military budget, whereas it costs the US $9.7 billion for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program (cite). Drones are safer for pilots and cheaper for the military to fight battles. However, it is not all positive; the Pew Research Center states that…show more content…
They spend many hours working as “aerial snipers” and are being isolated socially during work (Drones). About 8.2 percent of drone pilots report having at least one type of mental health outcome due to their work (cite). Some examples are adjusting to reentry into civilian society, depression, and relationship problems. These problems are the main reasons why drones should not be used to fight in wars, for the protection of not only civilians, but for the soldiers
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