Drones In War Essay

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Throughout history, war has been the cause of the death of millions of brave men and women who fought for their countries. Innocent people instantaneously erased from their lives. This feeling of loss is one that no one with a friend or loved one in the military would ever wish to experience. Unfortunately, this is the reality of living with a service member. If only there were an alternative to sending soldiers into combat… In the past few decades technological advances have led to other possible choices for fighting wars. Some of these advances could lead to not using people for warfare at all. One invention that could help decrease the use of people in combat is drones. Drones are remote controlled vehicles manned by a pilot far away from…show more content…
For example, one major company that is investing in drones is Amazon. The “Amazon Air Plan” will allow the company to make deliveries up to 5 pounds within a 10 mile radius of a fulfillment center (Burzichelli). Although this goal seems amazing, there are many defects in the technology that prevent them from performing fully. One main defect of the quadrotor drones are the battery life of them. Battery life on a drone can last the pilot anywhere from two to four hours (Calhoun). However, battery power and ability to stay connected with pilot are some of the same reasons why some people are against the use of drones in the military. Even though there are reasons opposing their use, the military will not stop drones from sweeping the battlefield. One positive effect of the use of drones in the military is the efficiency of the drone in combat. UAVs are able to access areas and see the battlefield in multiple perspectives in ways the average foot soldiers cannot. When UAVs first enter the battlefield, the pilots flying them use a tactic known as “Swarming”. Swarming is when a dozen or more drones survey the area and provide general information about the battlefield (Stiles). Having a bird's eye view would assist commanding officers in finding the safest route for their troops. Drones are also able to go places where humans sometimes
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