Drones Pros And Cons

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Modern innovators are steadily churning out new technology that improves the standard of living around the world. Security cameras, burglar alarms, and special tags on clothes that beep when someone leaves the store without paying, are all examples of crime stopping innovation that makes life easier for the police force. Recently, law enforcement has discovered the secret to busting crime in the big city. Constant aerial surveillance is now possible with our friends, the drones. The podcast, Radiolab, recently teamed up with reporter, Alex Goldmark, to cover the little drones on their test runs in Dayton, Ohio and Juarez, Mexico, and the results were astounding. In mere minutes, entire crime organizations were effortlessly tracked and reported to authorities. This seems like a fantastic and effective way to stop crime, but murders and robberies are not the only things the camera can focus in on. Drones are now a tool to monitor the private lives of unsuspecting citizens. Anyone could have access to information recorded by the drones, and anyone can use it to further their own agenda; an agenda which might not coincide with the good intentions of law enforcement.…show more content…
What these people lack are specific examples of how this technology could be misused. Drones can be compared to the telescreens that populate George Orwell’s dystopian 1984. Somini Sengupta points this out in a New York Times article. “They can be used to track fleeing criminals, stranded hikers — or just as easily, political protesters.” She goes on to quote Charlottesville city councilman, Dave Norris who says, “To me, it’s Big Brother in the sky.” This may seem like a radical accusation to a surveillance supporter, but the mere existence of drones will inevitably lead to misuse. With no rules currently in place to protect the leakage of drone captured information, the privacy of the public is at
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