Drones Pros Cons

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Are drones really productive in warfares? Or are they relatively dangerous? This has been a controversial dilemma regarding the safety of our people. A decision must be executed on whether should be used in warfare or not. The use of drones in warfare is not a major threat to the world for various reasons which take into consideration the safeness and efficiency of the drones. The operation of drones in warfare reduces the risk of killing more than the intended person or group because of its precise shooting. As stated in an article that lists the pros and cons of drone usage, “Drones kill fewer civilians, as a percentage of total fatalities, than any other military weapon” (Source J). For this reason, drones have proved greater accuracy…show more content…
An article reports that, “Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and their affiliates often operate in distant and unforgiving locations where it would be extremely dangerous for the United States to deploy teams of special forces to track and capture terrorists,” (Source J). For this matter, it is known that drones can maximize the ability to complete the mission in rural areas where harsh weather conditions and/or mountainous land is encountered. Augmenting the security of military personnel is a great advantage drones give forth in the acceptance of drone management in warfare. Although there are claims that drones are safer, many reports have been made pointing out that drones still cause more negative consequences than positive. One report addresses that, “Drone strikes create more terrorists than they kill,” (Source K) while another remarks that, “according to author Jeremy Scahill, the vast majority of militants operating in Yemen today are “people who are aggrieved by attacks on their homes that forced them to go out and fight” (Source K). The criticism drones receive still does not match evidently the fact that drones are safer because they replace the militants risking their
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