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Technology has become part and parcel of the modern day society. It has revolutionized greatly how things are done. This includes faster production rate of products in the industry, traveling, the ease of communication and passing information from one area to another. One of such areas that has had great impact is the technological use of an unmanned aerial vehicle. The paper aims to discuss the use of drones in the United States. As for the military, the drones are also known as the remotely piloted aerial systems or the unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones can be put to a variety of uses. The most common places where drones are flown include areas that are considered to be too risky or difficult for navigation of human beings. One of the advantages…show more content…
He has confirmed that the drones have taken activities such as regular surveillance and striking of the suspect militants along the tribal areas in Pakistan (Evangelista 40). Drones are preferred by the military because of their efficiency in the field. The military uses them because they have high striking precision without the additional intervention of the military action. In addition to that, they are controlled in a manner that they do not have to necessarily intrude some other military activities that are in…show more content…
It is one of the areas in which revolution has taken place and changed the way things operate in the world. Some of the areas that have had a great impact include the field of transport where drones are used for quick delivery of items and products, for journalism purposes, mapping, domestic use, surveillance and military use in attacking and destroying a military base. However, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles also commonly known as drones have come without challenges. Some of the challenges that the drones have posed in the United States include debates on privacy. People feel that their privacy has greatly interfered with when the aircrafts start to move above the sky and collecting data and then share the same data with the public. Additionally, the drones can develop a mechanical problem, fall and then injure people. The drones used for military expedition might also have a great challenge when sometimes the drones happened to kill civilians who were innocent on the war zones. However, the federal government and the departments responsible for surveillance and privacy in the United States have been in the front line to give some of the recommendations that would act as a pillar to reduce the challenges that are caused by the drones. Registration of the drones, having strict rules of surveillance, and compensation of those hurt by the drones are among the rules aimed at streamlining the use of

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