Drones: The Most Efficient Way To Combat Terrorism

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Terrorism is currently a plague causing extreme amounts problems throughout the world, but not a single country seems to have an answer yet. A common, and controversial, technique to battle terrorism is the use of drones, but drones also seem to be the best option to combat terrorism. Drones allow the slaughter of terrorists without putting boots on the ground and American lives in danger. Drones can be controlled from continents away and have a decently high rate of success. These allow for pinpoint accuracy and can be flown far above the ground avoiding radar detection. While terrorism must be brought to an end, the American people would have to be the first thought in the mind of the government. While most terrorism is occurring over seas, there is no reason to involve the American military personnel because the death toll has already surpassed any acceptable numbers in the war on terror and the war for freedom for all countries.…show more content…
There is a high percentage of civilian casualties involved in the use of drones. While this is not a premium circumstance, sometimes there are no ways around such casualties. It truly is a shame and is unavoidable in many cases. When troops are boots on the ground to combat terrorism they will often suffer casualties and also cause civilian casualties within these compounds. Ergo, the drones are ultimately avoiding more causalities than necessary. That is why drones are the most efficient way to combat terrorism throughout the

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