Drones: The Negative Impacts Of Drones And Military Technology

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Courses through human evolution the mind is thinking more creatively every minute. The technology in modern times is far surpassing the human knowledge, and a great representation of the modern technology are drones. Drones are an unmanned aerial vehicle used in various different ways. Some are to prevent civilian casualties, delivery military use ..etc...However some say that it disturbs people 's privacy. Some say that it 's unidentified security might be very lethal to some. Drones are useful to advance military technology,ecological, and finally agricultural benefits. All in all, I still think that the benefactors of drones the negative impacts it has. First of all Drones can support law enforcement. The increase the benefactors and advance the technology in the military and the government. Starting off with advancing military technology, to the decrease military casualties, and support law enforcement 's. It is also a promising solution to solve the innocent civilian deaths from terrorist groups such as Islamic State. Furthermore, the United States government states that about 10,000 drones will be used for surveillance and suspect tracking, assist in accident investigations, and monitor large crowds. In addition with the use of drones for law enforcement it is easier and more efficient for drones to do the jobs that are currently taken over by humans. For example, drones can work for a long period of time without a break. Also, it has a larger range of sight since it

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