Military Technology: The Pros And Cons Of Drones

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Courses through human evolution the mind is thinking more creatively every minute. The technology in modern times is far surpassing the human knowledge, and a great representation of the modern technology are drones. Drones are an unmanned aerial vehicle used in various different ways. Some are to prevent civilian casualties, delivery military use ..etc...However some say that it disturbs people 's privacy. Some say that it 's unidentified security might be very lethal to some. Drones are useful to advance military technology,ecological, and finally agricultural benefits. All in all, I still think that the benefactors of drones the negative impacts it has. First of all Drones can support law enforcement. The increase the benefactors and advance…show more content…
For example the drones used right now are also used to monitor oil rings. Oil companies state that “Offshore oil rigs are notoriously tough to maintain, which is potentially dangerous because Deepwater Horizon. Drones can be a huge help, though, because they can fly into hard-to-reach places. The same goes for monitoring oil fields and pipelines, which can be vast and tough for a human to keep track of.” Monitoring these oil rings are very vital if there is a problem it is crucial to find a solution as fast as possible. The drones are a perfect way to get aware either the oil rings are safe. Moreover, drones support the monitoring of wildlife.Drones aren 't just being used to kill wildlife; they 're also being used to monitor populations of animals in the wild, especially endangered ones. A team of Indonesian scientists, for instance, have been using drones to keep track of a population of endangered Sumatran orangutans by floating above the treetops and watching how the apes are dealing with deforestation. You imagine how many other endangered species could use some help, too. A great way for animal activist to get aware of endangered species are

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