Dropnwin Ice Cream Case Study

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DropnWin Ice Cream is a company that provides both fun and products at the same time. The products are varieties of ice creams and sunflower seeds, achieved by just participation and winning the game. The game more likely a bucket coin drop challenge, where customers are given 2 chances to accurately release a coin into the cup, inside the bucket, which will be completely filled with water. Additionally, customers can pick up sunflower seeds, if that’s their choice. DropnWin Ice Cream offers varieties of ice creams customers can chose from. A company that wouldn’t leave you empty handed, with a bit of challenge in order to bring smile in a day. However, sunflower seeds are popularly used throughout UAE, and are picked as a common time consuming…show more content…
They are ones who believed they could change the world for better and brought this world of technologies and everything to where we are. In the population of 8billion, sole traders are the greatest risk takers, who have affected the population all over greatly. They are the ones who fill the spaces of being a boss, before they were even a client. We all just live in the nation, but they are the ones who had its vision. They are the deepest failures on this planet, still kept moving is why they are the greatest figures to us. They filled out the spaces of failures by their perspective of opportunities and invented success. For example: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Nelson Mandela, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Tupac Shakur and many more. If it wasn’t for them, world wouldn’t be where it is today in each and every way. No companies, no businesses, no refineries or nation would exist like they do, if it wasn’t for them. These entrepreneurs today are titled as “Richest”, not just because of the money they are making, but because they earned it, according to the deepest risks, best decision making and seeing a vision through it. Their height of gain is their depth of pain that they’ve absorbed and worked
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