Dropout Nation Analysis

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Do you think you can graduate and go to College? Watching dropout nation changes the way I view education. This documentary helps me explain my attitude toward life. The Documentary Dropout Nation influences every paragraph I have written in this essay. When you are reading, this piece asks this yourself this question “Will my essay change what you do in school.”
Some of the common traits, characteristic and background this student share is that come rough environment. Marcus mother has an alcohol problem. Lawrence mother is in and out of prison. Sparkle has a child and is often without a place to sleep at night. Marco father deported and whose mother also live under the same threat. Marco also works a full-time job late in the evening to support
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But some of the students don’t repay the work the principal and teachers do daily. Marcus was only two hours until the last day of school was over. He punches another student. Lawrence got the help and attention he needs from Brandi but, he doesn’t do the same for her.
The situation or event from the documentary that affected the most was when Marco graduate from Sharpton high school. It affected me the most because it showed that anybody could accomplish their goal, you just go to put into the work. Marco could do two times the average student in Sharpton has to do to graduate. If Marco can accomplish his goal, you can do it too.
My education means a lot too. I believe the way to get out of poverty is your education. Without my knowledge, I think I wouldn’t complete what I want to do in life. If you don’t have an education life is harder for you. I believe education is the key to success.
My five-year plan is first to graduate high school and has enough scholarship to pay for my college education. Then go to college and figure out what job I want to do in life. Then hopefully by the time I am in college, finding what my career path will be. That is my
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