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A dropout recovery initiative is any community, government, non-profit or business program in which students who have previously left school are sought out for the purpose of re-enrollment.
Dropout recovery programs can be initiated in traditional "brick-and-mortar" institutions of learning, in community centers or online. Do mothers of dropouts report being involved less in their children 's educations than mothers of non‑dropouts? Do mothers of non‑dropouts report doing anything different than mothers of dropouts to help their children in their schooling? Do mothers of dropouts, in contrast of non­-dropout mothers, report using different academic socialization practices? What are the reasons given by mothers for allowing their children to
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This thesis explored the factors leading many Lebanese (public schools) students to drop out of school during the middle school years. Studying dropout at the middle school level is not intended to negate the dropout at the high school level. Studying the middle school dropout is motivated by the fact that this phenomenon is happening at an early stage of student’s education. In addition, this study is intended to study who drops out rather than the rate of dropout. Mentioning the dropout rate is intended to illustrate the magnitude of the dropout and therefore the need to study this problem. This study explored the reasons which lead students to drop out of school early in their educational lives. To accomplish this, the study compared student reports of school experience, parental involvement in children 's education and student attitudes toward school of 24 students (12 dropouts and 12 continuing). In addition, it compared and contrasted mothers ' (of dropouts and continuing students) reports of support and involvement in their children 's education. The study also explored whether there are any differences between the reported experiences and attitudes of dropouts and non‑dropouts and whether these experiences, if different, could give us some initial insights on the reasons which lead some students to drop out while others continue going to

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