Reasons Why Students Drop Out Of College Essay

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After graduating high school, the majority of teenagers nowadays choose to continue their studies in college to attain a bachelor’s degree. There is no question that education is essential for our future careers. Unfortunately, I have noticed that not all students in my peer group are able to finish college. “Nearly one out every five students in America drop out of college by the first semester.” There are three main reasons for teenagers dropping out, them being: financial issues, academic struggles, and another simply being to start a career.
Firstly, college as well all know is quite expensive and is continuously increasing in price. Tuition fees have basically tripled in the past 20 years.Many parents do not earn enough money on an annual basis to pay for their children’s higher education; therefore they start saving from when they get married in order to be able to cope with the payments. Many teenagers try to help with the fees by achieving high grades during high school in order to attain a scholarship. Unfortunately not many teenagers are capable of getting a scholarship, as you need to maintain a minimum of a 90 percent …show more content…

The increasing rate in which students are dropping out of college is alarming, because it will affect our society in the long term, as the students of today are the employees of tomorrow. Governments need to address this issue, because everyone’s future lies in the hands of teenagers. They need to find a solution to the increased prices in colleges relative to people’s earnings. Years ago, attending college may have been only for the people who were well off, but today having a bachelors degree holds the same value as a high school certificate did years ago. Teenagers’ aswell need to understand that attaining a bachelor’s degree is key for getting a well-paid job later on. They should focus on their studies and not give

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