Dropping The Atomic Bomb In World War II

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Ever since I can remember i 've always had a sort of guilty and uneasy feeling while learning about the atomic bomb in World War 2. Would things be different if we never would have dropped it? We seemed to have used Japan as a pawn in ways, to send a warning signal to Russia. The decision to drop the bomb took thousands of lives, men, women and children. Not to mention the amount of buildings and homes. The atomic bomb was the final kick in the teeth to the already beaten Japan. Overall the dropping of the bomb on Japan was an unnecessary decision. The United states used Japan as a tool. Power hungry in the downfall of a war I believe the U.S. used Japan as a pawn to show Russia who has the real power. This situation could have been handled…show more content…
Dropping this bomb caused thousands of innocent lives to be lost and even more so people to be injured but live. As said in the text,” it killed about 160000 people and 80% of the cities buildings…(nagasaki) the death toll there was less but still over 100000”. The problem was America was already kicking a horse that was down. Japan had already been almost defeated and the bomb was just a huge overkill. Even admiral Ernest King argued, “ if we had been willing to wait... the naval blockade would have starved the japanese into submission through lack of oil, rice.. and other essential materials.” It seemed to me that the bomb was a rash and hasty decision. Power hungry maybe? Dwight Eisenhower agrees saying, “ Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary.” The power of United States was not needed further, and we were withdrawn, yet we still decided to drop the atomic bomb. Over all the dropping of the bomb was a cruel and unneeded decision. The problem could have been solved in a much more peaceful understanding. We could have avoided taking away thousands of innocent lives and futures. In the near future I hope the United States government makes a careful and evaluated decision on any critical war decisions similar to
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