Drought In California

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temporary impact, since plants and animals depend on water just like us, we may lose a lot of food supply. However, drought can impact our environment in the most serious way, and it will last very long even when the drought is over. The permanent impact that created by drought may include such as, loss of wetlands (moisture), wind and water erosion of soils, poor soil quality, migration of wildlife, and more wildfire (Drought in California). Even some of the effects are short-term damages, and the conditions will return to normal when the drought is completely over. However, the migrant of wildlife will become permanent environmental damages because our soil will lose its moisture and quality that includes the loss of wetlands that can lead to a permanent loss of biological productivity. Drought in California can be a contributing factor to wildfire because dry, hot, and changes in temperatures…show more content…
Our water supply has decreased, and the quality of water also declines during the severe drought. Moreover, our agricultural industries have lost a lot of money because they do not have enough water to plant their plants, so there are thousands of farm workers that have lost their jobs; the California state also loses a lot of their tax revenue from agricultural industries. Furthermore, our environment becomes unstable, especially due to the loss of wetland, it impact wildlife to migrate from the dry and hot places to better places. Some of the environment impacts are permanent and some are temporary. Because California has encountered a serious loss by drought, our local and state government passed several bills to have water regulated, drought reduces surface water and groundwater so quickly, and it is very crucial for the government and all citizens to start to save our environment and water for our next
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