Drought In Jamestown

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Jamestown was repeating cycle of death, it started May 14th, 1607 when colonists set sail from England to Anchor in Chesapeake Bay. The Colonists came to Jamestown in search of possible riches and to convert natives to Christianity. however, within the first 6 months 70 of the 110 original colonists had died, due to water supply/drought, bad planning, and relations with the natives. Further water supply and Jamestown wasn't very good leader leading to major droughts. The colonist dumped their waste into the water, which latre led to disease because the tides didnt wash out the filth. If that wasn't bad enough, the water was brackish and Document A states “English colonists dug shallow wells to supply themselves a source of drinking water but these were vulnerable to drought and saltwater intrusion.” These droughts, however caused many issues according to Document B there was a drought from 1607 to 1612 and colonists couldn't grow food therefore the starved. The Starving Time was during the winter of 1609-1610 weakened the survivors. The plan to start a new Colony must not have been that well thought-out. unfortunately the original settlers of Jamestown and approximate 110, according to Document C ship list, half of which were gentleman this gentleman however are wealthy…show more content…
All is well for the native relationship, until John Smith, who had set up a firm trade between settlers and colonist, had returned to England in 1609. In document C it tells of “120 men stationed near the falls the Indians kill ‘neere halfe’”, and within the same month, “of 100 men at Nansemond Indians kill 50”. Besides physically killing, the natives also refused to give settlers food or water or help in any way, which led colonist to starvation. Jamestown could have had a much smoother start, if only they had a better relationship with native
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