Drought In The Dust Bowl

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The dust bowl was a frightening time for most people during the 1930s. severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion. The Dust Bowl negatively affected people who lived there in a personal way. During the Dust Bowl a lot families and people had to migrate to a different state.“The Dust Bowl forced tens of thousands of families to abandon their farms. ” ("Dust Bowl")Families had to abandon their farms which negatively affects the people because they could not grow crops during the dust bowl.“So many of them came from Oklahoma, migrated to California and other states to find that the Great Depression had rendered economic conditions there little better than those they had left.” ("Dust Bowl")The people…show more content…
This negatively affected the people who were migrating and were in direct competition for jobs with longer- established residents and would keep creating conflict with those people. “Many people were not able to make a living in drought-stricken regions and were forced to migrate to other areas in search of a new livelihood. ("Drought in the Dust Bowl") Many people had no choice to leave which affected them in a personal way because they had to forced to leave in search of a new livelihood because they will mostly not survive through the Dust Bowl.”In addition, because of poverty and high unemployment, migrants added to local relief efforts, sometimes overburdening relief and health agencies. ” ("Drought in the Dust Bowl")People were super poor and were not making enough money to pay for things while migrating so this would affect people and families and it was too much for relief and health agencies.“The poor economy displaced more than just farmers as refugees to California; many teachers, lawyers, and small business owners moved west with their families during this time.( "Dust Bowl")The wealth and…show more content…
“The sky would darken for days, and even the most well sealed homes could have a thick layer of dust on furniture. In some places the dust would drift like snow, covering farmsteads.”("About The Dust Bowl")Everyone was trying so hard to let no dust in their house and even the best made house in there time still got dust in them, some people just wanted to give up trying to keep the dust out and it had an impact on everyone in was living in the house.“People spat up clods of dirt as big around as a pencil. An epidemic raged throughout the Plains: they called it dust pneumonia.” ("Surviving The Dust Bowl")People died from swallowing dirt and it would suffocate people at night. This made people scared of living in there town. Also it was sad because innocent people would die.”People tried to protect themselves by hanging wet sheets in front of doorways and windows to filter the dirt. They stuffed window frames with gummed tape and rags. But keeping the fine particles out was impossible.” ("Surviving The Dust Bowl")Everyone did anything they could to keep the dust out but it was not possible. People wanted to keep their family safe and it was sad to see someone from their family die just from the dust. People felt useless when they could not do anything about the situation they were in.“The dust permeated the tiniest cracks and crevices. Through it all, the farmers kept

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