Drown By Junot Diaz Analysis

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Class and gender/sexuality are complicated in “Drown” by Junot Díaz. Yunior and Beto are ex-best friends who are separated through the complications. Their relationship tenses up when Beto decides to better his life through education. At first glimpse, Yunior’s struggle with class and sexuality could be based within his homophobic fear. The typical understanding that Yunior’s unmotivated attitude stems from fear is flawed because it fails to recognize his stance to not change who he believes he is and where he is meant to be. When examined more closely, this assumption completely overlooks Díaz’s emphasis on different perspectives when it comes to coming of age. Although Yunior is younger than Beto, he challenges expectations, and instead of moving on with his life, he sticks to what he knows. Rather than conforming to the typical understanding, Yunior challenges this role by proving he has already grown up just in a different period than Beto.…show more content…
Stealing did not have much of an affect over him in either the positive or negative direction. However, he worries that his other desires will lead him to “end up abnormal” (1248). Yunior cannot control his sexuality, yet he spends the most time obsessing over his homosexual thoughts and activities. Where his focus lies reveals his level of immaturity along with his constant need to fit in. He has been the man of the house since his father left, but when it comes to himself he only does what is expected. Because he was forced to step up at such a young age, he is never able to develop crucial skills as a child. His coming of age story was rushed and forced. Through his subconscious, his morals become unclear and he bases class off of what he believes is expected of him. Yunior does not want to be anything other than poor and therefore only acts poor. He attempts to better his mom’s life but never his
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