Drug Abuse And Addiction

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Dealing with addicts and their addiction I volunteer for a rehabilitation center called Abhayam in Bangalore; I visit Abhayam every Saturday to understand, observe and help the organization. In this paper I am going to write about how my time in Abhayam has helped me grow in learning towards drug abuse and led me to understand an addict in a better way. What is Drug Abuse? Individuals make choices to begin using drugs. Some people begin using drugs to relieve a medical condition and then continue to use the drugs after the medical need is over. Children or teens who are depressed or who have another psychiatric disorder sometimes begin using illicit drugs in an attempt to self-medicate. Other people begin taking drugs to feel pleasure, to escape the pressures of life, or to alter their view of reality. This voluntary initiation into the world of addictive drugs has strongly influenced society’s view of drug abuse and drug addiction and their treatment. When does drug abuse become drug addiction? It rarely happens with the first use of a drug. Drug abuse and drug addiction can be thought of as points along a continuum. Any use of a mind-altering drug or the inappropriate use of medication (either prescription or over-the-counter drugs) is drug abuse, but the point when drug abuse becomes drug addiction is less clear. Different people may reach the point of addiction at different stages. Scientists continue to investigate the factors that contribute to the transition to
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