Drug Abuse And Drug Addictions In Society

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My topic will be about teenagers who abuse drugs in society. More and more teenagers are becoming drug addicts in the community and this leads to most of these teenagers dropping out of school to feed their habit of taking drugs by committing crime. Drug abuse is the excessive use of a substance especially a drug or alcohol. This excessive use of drugs leads learners to becoming dependent on the drug and they end up not being able to function without using the drug, because of this drug abuse learner’s end up doing illegal things like crime so that they can feed their habit. Worldviews have a strong impact on how young teenagers perceive what is right and wrong: teenagers who have religious worldviews/ backgrounds are mostly influenced by lying integrity, morality, and values in this way these teenagers are less likely to go into drug abuse, but the teenagers who have non-religious worldviews are more likely to fall into drug abuse because they have no faith rules or norms to abide by. A worldview is how we perceive ourselves in the community we live in, it is what we believe is right or wrong and this is influenced by the 3 worldviews (Christian, Western and African worldviews) and their six components (God, Norms, Man, Community, Nature & Time and History). An ideology is an absolute idea that motivates an oppressive social system and this idea can either be harmful or oppressive to people. Drug abuse has a negative impact not only on the individual, but also on the

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