Illegal Drugs Research Paper

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Illegal drugs and the effects of drug dealing, drug use and drug addiction on families/communities.
Drugs are substances that can be inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed or dissolved under the tongue. Drugs can cause a temporary physiological change in the body and can often lead to drug addiction. Four common illegal drugs are
1. Cannabis (common names are: Weed, hash, skunk, marijuana)
2. Cocaine (common names are: sniff, white, powder, snow)
3. Heroin (common names are: brown, hatsy, smack, opium)
4. Ecstasy (common names are: mdma, yokes, pingers)
Methods of use:
• Cannabis:
 Smoking- this is the most common and easiest way to take cannabis. Through smoking it gets to the lungs quicker but also is the most damaging to the lungs.
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The vaporiser heats cannabis above 100 degrees. It caused the cannabis to evaporate into a gas but does not burn any of the plant. It is more effective than smoking.
 Food- cannabis can be used in foods, hash cookies are made from cannabis. Visibly there is no difference between regular bakery and those containing drugs. If cannabis bakery is consumed you will notice a fresh grassy smell indicating that cannabis is present.
 Drink- cannabis can be put in drinks often alcohol to create a green dragon. It can also be made in tea.
 Ingestible oils- these most often come in capsules that can be eaten along with food or drink

• Cocaine:
 The most common way of taking cocaine is by snorting it through the nose. It can be injected which may be deadly.
 The easiest way to take cocaine is rubbing it along your gums with your finger. Rubbing on the gums helps to numb them giving the user a satisfying effect.
 Powdered cocaine can be smoked by rolling it on joints.

 Injecting is the most popular way to take heroin. This only works when the heroin is mixed with water and an acid and is heated. Clothing is tightly wrapped around the arm to present the vein and users then inject the heroin into veins in the arms, it may also be injected in to the
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Almost 5 million people reported using cocaine at some point in 2015, and nearly million reported use at some point in their life. Approximately 1.75 times more men than women abused cocaine in 2015. Additionally, in 2011, the Drug Abuse Warning Network found that cocaine was the most common illicit substance involved in emergency department visits in 2011, found in more than 40% of cases’. Addiction recovery is based on how bad the addiction level is, often users are sent to rehabilitation centres to undergo
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