Drug Abuse: Causes And Effects On Teenagers

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Drug Abuse Causes and Effects on Teenagers Drug abuse is one of the top issues defying the country today particularly among the teenagers. Occurrences of drug and alcohol abuse and related anti-social behavior have massively expanded lately. This has become a matter of concern to the government, parents and teachers. Teens regularly try different things with an assortment of activities and substances. Unfortunately, this experimentation can prompt substance misuse and addiction. Measurements demonstrate that drug abuse is a developing issue among teenagers. Drugs should be forbidden all over the world because for teenagers it destroys their social life. On the other hand, many teenagers believe that it should remain because it helps them to cover from painful memories in their past. Despite the many causes and effects of drug abuse, two of the main causes are Lack of parent to child communication and low self-esteem and two of the main effects are Health problems and Behavioral problems. A few sorts of drugs are helpless to mishandle by youth. These medications range from most regular and less costly, for example, cigarettes and liquor to extravagant and all the more fatal, for example, cocaine and heroin. Teenagers are curious to try out those drugs and with the poor parent-child relationship it is easy for teenagers to access those drugs. Parents are no more in the firm position to direct and aide their youngsters. A portion of the young live far from their parents,

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