Drug Abuse Causes People In Canada

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Drug Abuse Paths and The Main Reasons People in Canada Will Use Drugs
Positive Reinforcement: The effects are pleasurable or positive reinforcing to the user, the feeling of being high, relaxation, relief from pain or unpleasant emotions and numbing physical and mental pain.
Social pressures: By both groups of young people and adults, examples such as alcohol and social occasions, children influenced by their parents use of alcohol, Tabaco or other drugs and then the child will justify their own drug use because their parents do it.
Curiosity: Drugs being talked about and written about a lot, for example rap music and glorifying the drugs they use, drugs being shown in T.V shows and movies (breaking bad)
Mental health: One of the main reasons
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By implementing this it will let teens know from a younger age that if they wish to grow and have a successful occupation in the Canadian labor market the use of illegal drugs is not allowed and should not be used. As drugs like cannabis can be a gate way drug for drug abuse in the future.

Areas of help for substance
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With high drug trafficking and production in Canada, the opportunity for citizens to purchase these drugs and abuse them is extremely high. Black markets for drugs and under the table pharmaceutical drugs to be accessed is growing more and more. n Since Canada is extremely diverse this has shown to lead to higher demand for drugs that are not commonly used in north America, such as hash, opium and khat and the introduction of new exotic drugs to people can lead to abuse and overdosing at a higher rate then other

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