Drug Abuse In Brunei Essay

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Due to the increasing cases of crimes in Brunei, it has become a concern to the government as well as citizens. In this case youth is no exception. Recent research has discovered that crimes among the youth are also increasing. One of the crimes that mostly concern by the society is drug abuse. It is when someone is continuously using drugs even though they know all the negative effects. The most common drugs are cannabis and marijuana. This essay will discuss the causes and consequences of drug abuse. The first reason why youth consume drugs is peer pressure from friends. They play a huge role in the period of adolescence. Adolescence is the process of young people, developing from a child into an adult. They experience peer pressures as a pressure to think and act like their friends (Cobb, 2007). Friends can affect the youngsters’ ways of thinking and behaviours. They seek out friends who engage in similar activities and in turn, are influenced by the activities of their friend (Cobb, 2007). They persuade them and in most cases, they tried to force youngster to consume drugs. Newman and Newman (1976, p.164) state that to show their commitment and loyalty to other members, youngsters must obey the custom of the group. This means that in order to be a part of the group, they must be willing anything. At a later situation,…show more content…
Most common health-related consequences are injuries due to accidents, the spread of diseases and the possible effects of overdose. Accidents could happen when youngsters in the influence of drugs such as car accident and fights. In worse scenario, it may result in death. Disease can be spread when they sharing needle with other drugs users. Most common diseases are AIDS and HIV. Due to the extreme addiction on drugs, they might get overdose. It can cause death. Therefore, youth’s physical and mental health is affected when they started to consume

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